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Harpers Hunt         

I saw my first ever car treasure hunt as a young boy in an episode of  the very popular 60's TV series The Avengers. An almost forgotten, distant memory, I rediscovered it only recently on YouTube. You can find it by searching for The Avengers episode "Dead Man's Treasure".

This provided the inspiration for Harpers Hunt.


Some years later, when I was in my twenty's, I was invited by friends to be a member of their team in a hunt organised by the place where they worked. It was hard to believe so much fun could be had in the back seat of an Austin 1100! I was determined to take part in another as soon as posssible...


Fast-forward around thirty years, add a wife, mortgage, two children, a Sunday Car, and the need to get out with them and have a bit of fun together, and you find me and my family participating in the Komosa Cup, a hunt organised for members of the North Kent Lotus Group. It was the responsibility of the winning team to organise the following years event. We won.


I enjoyed organising this so much that I decided  to organise an event of my own, to which I could invite members of other car clubs, along with some friends and customers who share my enthusiasm for cars and driving. It seemed to me, as a member of two single-marque based car clubs, catering for owners of Lotus and Toyota MR2 cars, that the opportunity to mix with others who owned equally interesting cars of different makes was limited, but should be one of the pleasures. It should also be something for friends and family of car owners to enjoy. The success of the first six Hunts confirmed this.


I wanted more Teams to be able to take part than the 12 that MSA rules permit

In 2014 we doubled the opportunity to take part by adding a second Sunday "Heat"

In 2015 we trebled the opportunity to take part by adding a third  Heat

in 2017 we added a fourth Heat, offering the choice of four Sundays for up to 48 Teams to take part.


For information on the Hunt please call or text me on 07711 626822,

email me on, or look at the Harpers Hunt Facebook page.

History of The Hunt

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